Beta Maxx X Hardcopies

I have printed copies of the Beta Maxx X core game book. But shipping them across the world is an utter BEAST on costs (a physical book that I would sell for $30AUD, attracts around $50AUD of shipping unless you’re happy to have shipping be anything from 10 days to a number of months months because surface freight is very variable see here and read the footnote )

If you are in AUSTRALIA however, shipping you a hard copy of the game is SIGNIFICANTLY easier for me to manage, and we can sort that out via email and PayPal.

So if you’d like a hard copy edition of Beta Maxx X, or the Quick Start Pack, or both and…

  • You are in Australia
  • You are cool with covering a bit for shipping

then get in touch!

Core Game: $30AUD
Quick Start Pack: $15AUD
Both Together: $40AUD

Shipping seems to be around $11 for regular postage which should be with you in about a week unless you are in a more remote part of Australia. But feel free to check in advance with the postage and time calculator you can find here

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