January Releases

There are two Quick Starts coming in January!

  1. The Statue of Athena – A Quick Start for Beta Maxxthulhu
  2. Pilliga Plains Motel – A Quick Start for Beta Maxx Death

The bus tour was taking them through the Outback. The Driver had wanted to reach Coonabarabran before their daily driving hours limit was reached. They pushed on close to dusk, but two tyres on the same side blew out and there was no way to get a second spare quickly. The sun was going to set in about an hour.

They’d only gone maybe two kilometers past a small Motel. Seems everyone on the Tour Bus would be staying there tonight, after they walked back along the quiet road surrounded by red dirt plains, tall eucalypts, and dry grass with their luggage.

The Tour Guide got a torch, and walked out in front. It should be fine, just a small delay. They’d be on the road again by lunchtime tomorrow.

It’s not surprising when the phones don’t have reception. That has been happening pretty regularly during this trip when far from the major towns.

The contract was signed in front of the incoming Bürgermeister, and their attorneys, yesterday afternoon. For the sum of 60 Thaler, you have agreed to investigate the many rumours for any truth to the Statue of Athena. Whilst doing it, the Bürgermeister is hoping to ease fears that the new administration of Wittenheim will be oppressive or punishing to the people of the town.

You saw the Statue from the carriage which you took from the railway station at Staffelfelden into Wittenheim. It is an impressive bronze standing proud on a plinth of gleaming white stone, surrounded by a small circle of grass inside the wider markets. People are going about their provincial lives, children chasing this and that, and out front of the Mairie is where you were met by the Bürgermeister.

It is the next morning, and the hotel has given you a shared breakfast of soft white rind cheese, fruits of the season, a pot of tea and another of coffee, a loaf of bread still warm from baking, and a small ramekin of lard with knives, and pewter flatware.

Coming to Itch.io and DriveThruRPG 7th January!

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