Public Draft – Beta Maxx Toon

For Beta Maxx Toon, I’m starting a kind of public drafting and feedback process. The plan is to see if I can get people interested in it, get people to provide feedback (because holy crap is that generally quite hard… I’ve had more feedback from giving copies to a friend before a conventions than I’ve had for all of my stuff across DTRPG and Twitter), and try get something out of it that is better than maybe what I make by just typing away endlessly.

Beta Maxx Toon?

This is meant to be a supers type kids RPG which will run in the same pulpy action space of other Beta Maxx games, but have a much reduced load of rules and less decision making paralysis points. It’s going to lean into ‘hero team’ cartoons and sit in a space similar to “Voltron”, “Go Jetters”, “PJ Masks”, and so on.

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