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This is me announcing that I’m going to be trying to do a regular podcast (not sure on the frequency of episodes yet) featuring independent TTRPG from around the world.


Based on the claims made by Jessica Creane, and the way Luke Crane has handled his Kickstarter project “The Perfect RPG”, I will not be referencing if your game were or will be launched on the Kickstarter Platform. How Kickstarter handles this, and if Luke Crane remains at Kickstarter, will affect if and when this might change.
If you’d like to know more about Jessica’s claims, which I believe, you can find her statement here: “Words that have been on the tip of my tongue for two years”.

If you aren’t sure, I do believe Jessica, and it seems to fit neatly with the behaviour that Crane has shown around Adam Koebel and how he appears to have handled the other contributors on his project.

  • Episodes will be about 10-15min long in content
  • Each one is planned to feature a new game
  • I’m not planning to cover ‘the big games’ or their offshoots
  • I am taking ‘pitches’ of your game for the Podcast so I can decide what to do after.
  • I’m not going to be taking copies of your stuff unless I’m going to do an episode on it.

If you want to pitch your game for the podcast, then get in touch with me about your game for the Podcast, then you can use the form here.

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