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Who is Halfling Caravan Games?

I’m a husband, father of two daughters, and geek of a few kinds for a long time. I’ve played a fair number of board games, a lot of Vampire: the Eternal Struggle, and D&D since the 90s when Ms Gosling handed me a random bundle of D&D books. Very much the ‘always GM’, I’ve run more sessions than I could easily count, and playable characters I could count on my fingers alone.

What am I doing with Halfling Caravan Games?

I’m trying to just make stuff that seems useful, and fun, and interesting for myself and assuming that other people out there might find them the same. So I’ve been working on D&D products, campaigns, one-shot Adventures, short-run Adventures, card games, and my own game system in a few genre Cartridges called Beta Maxx.

Where else could you find me?

I’ve got products for sale at Roll20, Itch.io, DriveThruRPG, The Gaming Geeks, and DriveThru Cards.

You can see what I’m doing under the name Halfling Caravan or Halfling Caravan Games on Twitter, and Facebook as well.

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