A Cunning Plan

You send your band of plucky criminals out to complete jobs involving fraud, extortion, illegal gambling, robbery, and more! They prepare things, get ready and… things go wrong.

This is a card-based game for 3+ players

Each turn you take Criminals from your hand and send them out face down to the Jobs available. Then you all bid on Sabotages to sabotage your rivals attempts. Then collect the loot*!

*Note: Loot may contain ambushes by your rivals, police, or chocolate coins instead of real cash.

If your criminals get arrested, no worry, you can always bribe them back out of prison.

BUT if you run out of cash, there’s no way you can fund your operation any longer and you’re out of the game.

I’ve brought A Cunning Plan to Roll20 for $4.99USD.

Physical Editions may soon come to other locations!

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