Lost Stories

The world is filled with stories and you are one of them. This town is full of busy people, going about their lives, and building stories. You need to make sure you become someone’s story and not lose so much weight you just become lost, blowing away forever.

Lost Stories is a card and dice game for 2+ players where each of you is a story looking to end up being told in someone’s life; a dream trying to become a reality.

At the start of the game you form your story, from:

  • a set of Desires (success, fame, luxury, comfort, acceptance, romance, making a difference)
  • and set of Objet As (the things you desire like a large house, fancy art, a high paying job, your children be happy)

Then you and the other players set up your little town or city, drawing its buildings from a deck of places, choosing where your story will be, and then putting those places in a line randomly.

Then you put people in your town, some places attract lots of people, like train stations, busy restaurants, large apartment towers. Other places attract few people. Some places evoke feelings, and moods, like art, fame, belonging, power, and luxury. Others evoke very little but are just places people travel through.

Then you decide how you’ll use your weight. Will you try influence someone to come back here tomorrow? Maybe you’d like them next door in that building where memories or emotions would make it easy for your story to end up part of their life. Maybe you just need to take some time, build some weight, and let the world travel past.

Because in the morning, everyone will move around again. People are busy things, moving all the time.

Be careful… run out of weight, and you’ll become lost and fade away.

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