The Clash of Courts

The Clash of Courts is a long campaign for D&D 5Edition, set in the Halfling Lands, and set within a war between the Courts of the Fey and the Halfling City State of Torra. There was an attempt to Kickstart this project to cover the detailed artistic plans of the project, but that doesn’t mean this project is dead but only that it lays waiting for the right time to try again.

Keep your eyes out for what may happen with this project in 2019.

The First Mate gathers all of the other passengers around himself, well away from the crew, who gasp collectively at some news.Meanwhile he says, full of venom and fury “If any of you are mercenaries,I’ll give you two gold coins for each and every Fey head you bring me. I prefer them cut from the dead body” and as he storms off you hear him say one more thing “Kill my cousin and Prince will they…” and moments later he appears with a cutlass, a crossbow and three quivers of arrows hanging on a belt around his back.

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