The Feast of Charity

This is a one-shot adventure for D&D 3.5Edition and 5Edition for a range of level characters from low to middle levels.

Charity was always known as being a verdant, green, plentiful place. The town swelled from a little village of only a few to its current size rapidly, there are maybe six to seven thousand who call it home. The Springs there are said to be blessed by the God of Healing. The people rarely get sick, the children are rarely deformed, the crops and animals are nearly always healthy, and drought seems to affect them rarely. But an individual came from the town scared, terrified, because Charity is a literal ghost town – a town composed of ghosts and the walking dead. Around it grows a field of ashes, the circle of ash seems to grow daily, animals refuse to set foot upon the ash, and Good Clerics and Paladins alike feel its palpable evil.

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