The Problem with Wulfa Green

This is a medium-length Adventure for D&D 5Edition, and intended for higher level players. It is available in PDF at the moment, but a Print-on-Demand, and Roll20 version are being developed.

When I was a young man, just after I’d Come of Age, I met a man called Wulfa Green. He was a generous man, told me he’d watched my Coming of Age and was eager to see the man I’d become. He had high hopes for me. I thought nothing else of him at the time, but over the years he has become a good friend to the town and myself. And I saw him again, not more than three weeks before today. But now we get to what keeps me from sleeping at night. It has been decades since my Coming of Age. I’m an old man. There are many less years in front than behind. I know people talk of the Elves, and Dwarves, and Halflings who can live for hundreds of years, but they too get old. You can see what seventy years does to a Halfling. The grey hairs that might start in the beard of a Dwarf. The slowing of that strange grace that Elves have. You see time aging them. Wulfa hasn’t changed. In all my years, he looks exactly the same. I can’t sleep anymore. He’s not a human, nor Elf, nor Dwarf, nor Halfling. What is Wulfa Green?

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