Waylaid is a short adventure for D&D 5Edition and aimed at lower level charaters, potentially their first or second major adventure. It consists of a few short scenes with each linked to the next by breadcrumbs. The GM could easily dovetail this with other adventures, allowing each section of the Waylaid Plot to occur before or after other one-shots or returns back to the city of Ufthash.

Travelling in numbers provides safety for everyone, or it usually does. That wisdom doesn’t seem so wise now you and your friends are waking up inside a hospice within the city of Ufthash. You’re sure you’ve been robbed, but they haven’t taken things that are the most expensive, they’ve taken things that can be easily sold and your gold. Great. Mugged, left for dead, and then taken to a hospice for who knows how long. Just great. 

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