You are travelling to Ufthash, with a caravan of mostly peasants, when…

Waylaid is a short adventure for 3E or 5E systems, and is intended for a party of 4+ Characters of Level 4+.

Waylaid is a Campaign for 3.5E or 5E for a Party of 4+ Characters at Level 4 or higher. There are a number of ‘time gaps’ in this, so it will work well along side other campaigns, modules, or as a short multi-step sidequest.

The PDF itself is specifically setup in a 16:9 format to make it easier to use on computers and tablet devices. If you wanted to print it out, it should also size well to a landscape page and be used in a display book or ring binder.

Grab a copy at Itch.io or DriveThruRPG

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