What is Bloodbath Football Association?

Bloodbath Football Association is a fantasy comedy-violence five-a-side soccer game for two players to play head to head with prebuilt teams. You get a team deck, some dice, and a play space, and start playing the sort of soccer where players get rated on…

  • Speed
  • Skill,
  • Acting, and
  • Violence

How does it play?

You choose your starting five* (5) players and put them out on the field.
You draw your hand of five (5) cards.
You determine who goes first (ro-sham-bo, pistol duelling**, tiddly winks, frog racing…)
Then you play cards from your hand, and roll dice to determine the card action’s success.
The Best of (3, 5, 9, 11, 213…??) goals is the winner!

*Please note, that the Ogres team starts with four (4) players on the field and one drafted team for later testing would start with six (6) players on the field.
**Note: Traditional 19th Century Pistol Duelling to determine who starts a game would be considered quite extreme and is almost certainly frowned upon by Police Departments around the world. Maybe make it water pistols… away from the game components.

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