Little Familiars and the Little Witch

All of you are the Familiars, the special pets, of the same Little Witch. But we don’t know anything about your Little Witch! Each of the Familiars are like the Little Witch in some way; you are her Familiar because you are like the Little Witch and she is like you.

The whole aim of being a Little Familiar is to help the Little Witch become a Big Witch, she’s learning how to be a helpful big person in a big world!

Currently in Development

Yes, this game is in development and there is lovely art by Linnaine Hubbard that will be involved. How this gets released to everyone is not yet firm but options include a crowdfunding campaign on platforms like GameFound or GameOn Tabletop, or an ‘ItchFunding’ where people contribute to a goal on Itch.IO and when goals are reached the game is published in a particular format (typically PDF to start).

I want to know more!!!

Leave your details below and I’ll try make sure you hear about things when Little Familiars progresses in its development!