Beta Maxx X

Beta Maxx X is a pulpy action Space Opera/Fantasy Genre game. Episodes of Beta Maxx X should remind people of “Solo: A Star Wars Movie”, “The Fifth Element”, 90s Action Movies, “Tron”, “Star Trek: Beyond”, “The A-Team”, “Mission Impossible”, and more. A streamlined rules engine with a focus on players finding reasons why their madcap plans should work, rather than a heavy focus on tactical combat. It is available on DriveThruRPG in an Ashcan Edition. Plans for the future include Podcasts, and a Kickstarter.

They’d agreed to the contract. Jana, Izaak, P’Thelidor, and Metum had taken the 40,000 credits, and in return they were to find Esilim in the Melannan Embassy and deliver him to the Melannan who names himself Gadget. Then Gadget has promised you a device that will let you locate the Home Node of the AI which calls itself Hercules Omega. After that Izaak and Jana will be able to go on their honeymoon, P’Thelidor can find his way into another mess, and who knows what Metum will go do.

So, all that leaves is: getting a floor plan of the secret areas of the Melannan embassy, finding a way into the secret areas, finding Esilim, finding a way out, and manage to not have anyone killed in the process.

It’s not the worst problem. Maybe. Actually, maybe it is. It’s going to be a rough few weeks.

First steps first; the building plans.

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