Playtest Set for The Other World Game

Over on my Patreon I have released a Playtest Set for The Other World Game which includes the draft versions of three of the drafted nine times.

Imagine, if you will, a world where Aztec Basketball/Soccer, Roman Gladiatorial combat, and Soccer Hooliganism crashed hard into a world of Classic Fantasy Species… where winning the game is often as much about bludgeoning your opponents (or the Referee) into a pulp as it is about being able to pass the ball accurately.

That is The Other World Game.

In the Playtest Set

  • Draft Rules
  • A set of Tactics Cards you need to use with your Team
  • A set of Referee Cards you will randomly draw to determine if the Referees actually care what happened on the field (often they don’t to be honest)
  • A card to be the Ball
  • A set of 12 Players + 8 Special Tactics for the Elves
  • A set of 12 Players + 8 Special Tactics for the Ogres
  • A set of 12 Players + 8 Special Tactics for the Skeletons

What extra you need…

  • 2 6-sided dice
  • Some table space
  • An appreciation for cartoon violence
  • Scissors to cut out the cards from the A4 or US Letter paper you’d be using to print them


For now I want feedback as answers to the following questions:

  • Do any of the parts of the game feel like they have ‘funny corners’ or ‘don’t fit’ or are ‘oddly clunky’?
  • Are there parts of the game that feel good, that feel fun?
  • Do you enjoy playing it? Are there parts you don’t enjoy?
  • Is there something you wish had more explanation?
  • Is there something you wish had rules with stiffer boundaries?

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