Conventions in 2021

Australia, overall, has handled COVID moderately well all things considered and that means we are seeing Conventions looking viable for the rest of 2021. PAX is talking about happening, but considering that happens in Melbourne I of course am looking for more local avenues.

Collector Con Penrith Sunday 30 May

Collector Con Penrith will be a new experience for me, it’s a smaller sort of ‘merch’ fair but people are playing some TTRPGs there and they’re also adding in some kind of Wrestling event at the same time… But I think it should be a good avenue to get local eyes on my games and see what can go from there.

Supanova Expo Sydney Sat-Sun 19-20 June

Last year I joined a bit of a ‘tabletop game’ group within the Artist’s Alley. It went well considering I only had a single major game book with the quick start and no ability to get paid by credit cards! So now I’m teaming up with Stephen McCabe of Conchobar’s Chainmaille Creations to come to Supanova Expo in 2021!

Edit (6 July 2021): After Supanova management took such poor action to deal with a stall of harassers and neonazis (Pedestrian TV had articles on it and it even hit the Guardian), I am not planning to attend a Supanova in the future unless very big changes are made.

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