Beta Maxx X
Beta Maxxthulhu
Beta Maxx Death
Beta Maxx Theft

Want to hack or make for a Beta Maxx Cartridge?

I don’t mind if you hack Beta Maxx, I’ll probably help you!

Maybe you want to get in and write a module that would work with a Beta Maxx game?
I’m fine with that too, just talk to me about it. I’d be happy to help.

What don’t I want?

I don’t need you releasing big swathes of the text of the cartridges, mine or anyone else’s, because we’re all trying to squeak out something for our work. Open Source is cool and all, but bills, food, and all that are still real concerns.

So, don’t release whole chapters of a Beta Maxx book (mine or anyone else’s) and let people know where it came from in the text in a clear way. Direct people back towards the original work so the creator gets at least their exposure-bucks for their effort.

We all deserve to get fair pay for our work.

What do I expect in return?

Well, credit for making the Beta Maxx stuff originally in your work. You can refer to me by name or by Halfling Caravan Games.

You can use these these logos to let people know. Yep, I’m leaning hard into that tape and old computer technology concepts.

  • Cartridges: These would be your hacks of the system. It’s what I’ve called the ‘hacks’ of the Beta Maxx systems I’ve made. Think the equivalent of ‘Forged in the Dark’, ‘Powered by the Apocalypse’, ‘Powered by FATE’, etc, etc.
  • Formatted: This would be for something else you make to work with a cartridge. Think ‘modules’, ‘adventures’, ‘quests’, etc
This one has a transparent background
This one has a white background
This one has a transparent background
This one has a white background