You can find my work a number of places…

My Itch Store doesn’t do any physical products (sorry) but you can get PDFs of my RPG materials: the Beta Maxx Cartridges, Quick Start Packs, and my D&D modules or help books.


Halfling Caravan Games @ DriveThruRPG

You can get physical products at DriveThruRPG, but for now the only place where you can get hardcopies of the Beta Maxx X cartridges is from me either because you’re lucky enough to meet me at a Con, you won a copy I’ve given as a prize, or because you’re willing to pay the potentially ludicrous postage to get my stuff out of Australia and into the rest of the world.


On the Roll20 Marketplace

This is actually where I started being a professional, of a sort. I’ve still got lots of work here, and in time I plan to bring Beta Maxx Cartridges to Roll20 with a Beta Maxx Character Sheet for each of them, but it’s another task that for now I would need to learn how to do more elegantly.