Fields of Blood Update

I’ve been updating Fields of Blood, that bit me again after finishing up a lot of work on Statue of Athena (which is going to have a very nice cover by Marina Papetti).
Doing it has kind of reminded me just how contradictory and silly I want this game to be for something that is:

  1. Called “Fields of Blood”
  2. A wargame
  3. Contains the nonsense of a GNOME army.

But Halfling… how silly could you make a wargame army? It’s not like you’re going to be making Squigs or any of that nonsense right?

*ahem ahem ahem*

May I present…

Yes, you read correctly.

A cavalry unit in this game is Gnomes riding on Squirrels that pounce all over you and mess up your day when you try run away from them.

You’re welcome!

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