Last Update: 11 June 2021

What is Inside the Caravan?

Inside the Caravan is a short podcast about Independent TTRPGs and explicitly avoids talking about work related to the major TTRPG publications (such as D&D, Vampire the Masquerade, Call of Cthulhu, etc). The format is a roughly 10min episode where I approach the game as if I was encountering it at a stall at a Convention or Store, and flipping through it to give it a reasonable but not in-depth read; it doesn’t go into pages and pages of equipment and spells for instance.

Why this topic?

There are a lot of podcasts and actual plays which cover the big brands, and a moderate number of podcasts and actual plays covering the ‘next tier down’ (such as released by Evil Hat et al). But there didn’t seem to be many podcasts talking about the shorter games released by smaller or solo independent TTRPG designers. Like many things it was born of a little frustration and a little bit of ‘I figure I can do that!’.

Who is Inside the Caravan?

I’m thinking about something… probably if I want another coffee…

It’s me, Andrew Chirgwin (he/him), aka Halfling Caravan Games… hence the name of the podcast! I write it, record it, edit it, and then put it out; another indie TTRPG person doing most hats because small budgets are a thing!

I’m a husband, a dad to two girls, and minion of two budgerigars (who make their first appearance on the Podcast in Episode 8 having loud conversations with the Lorikeets who live in the tree near my house).

The Budgies… my avian overlords.

Gimme those Vital Statistics… of the Podcast

As of this edit I have… not a huge listenership but I’m hoping to grow it bit by bit. I realise it’s going to be a slow road barring big swings of luck.

  • Almost all episodes get downloaded 10+ times (I know, see that number flex!)
  • There have been over 150 downloads!! (*lifts weights bar clearly made of helium balloons)
  • I’ve got 6 actual Podbean Followers (*Mr Universe Pose Here*)
  • New Episodes are released roughly Midday (Sydney time) every second Saturday.
  • Launched: 27th February 2021

Where can you find it?

Inside the Caravan is currently released on Podbean, and GooglePodcasts. It is currently being added to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and iHeartRadio.