Beta Maxxthulhu

Beta Maxxthulhu is a Beta Maxx game using a pulpy Cthulhu/Weird Tales style genre. Explorers delving into tombs in Egypt, a group of plucky adventuring sorts taking boats up river into South East Asia to discover Temples, and researchers wanting to find the lost Cities of South America, who of course find a lot more than they bargained for and potentially lose their minds along the way.

Available in PDF at DriveThruRPG, and potentially Print-on-Demand and maybe a Kickstarter in the future.

In those hallowed halls of Oxford, I knew there to be knowledge of things far beyond the experiences of ordinary mortals. There would be knowledge of long lost civilisations, artefacts from all around the world,and a vast wealth of books of the sciences. In short, a scale of texts that would convince Renaissance Man to never start his lofty goal of reading all books in existence. Little did I know that amongst them would be books whose contents would do far worse than inform about some long buried ape.

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