This is the start of a #dungeon23 but instead of it being a typical dungeon, I’m making this be a year where I work more and more on a campaign for Beta Maxx X… hopefully finishing this long intended but many-times-writer-blocked project.

As the first step in the process, I’m putting up the start of a module map. Hunks of this stuff is already written, because it has been started a few times and then abandoned and then started again. More of this map will of course be done in future.

Project 39 is the Quick Start for Beta Maxx X (you can get the older edition on Itch.io or the newer edition in Print or PDF from Exalted Funeral) and the starting point. Keelta Resources will probably get rewritten, providing more feedback for this map. I’m also tempted to create a checklist for the major NPCs which acts as a kind of ‘reputation chart’ that will be lower maintenance for the GM.

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